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Shark Tank

PaddleSmash dives into the shark tank

Tune in to ABC on 10/20 to see if Tim and Scott can bump, set and SMASH a deal with the sharks. 8pm ET/7pm CT & MT/8pm PT.

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The Today Show

Spring Break for the Spring Broke

Looking for a way to enjoy spring break without going spring broke? Hoda and Jenna recommend PaddleSmash on this segment of the Today Show.

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KSL Studio 5

This new outdoor game will be your family’s new obsession

If you’re family loves pickleball, they will love this new find. It’s called PaddleSmash, and it combines two favorite outdoor games: pickleball and spikeball. Our Trend Tracker, Mindy Dunyon, says it’s her family’s favorite game right now.

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ABC4 Good Things Utah

A fun new outdoor group game to liven up your party

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition. Though when the whole group wants to join, what game is out there for everyone? Fittingly described as Pickleball marrying Spikeball, the latest game sensation hitting stores goes by the name PaddleSmash. 

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Inside South Florida

Why Paddlesmash will be a hit this holiday season

The holidays are around the corner and hosting an event without any entertainment could be dull.’s Co-founder, Scott Brown, joined Inside South Florida to share how you can entertain your family this season.

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CBS: We are austin

Pickleball meets roundnet: Paddlesmash is getting rave reviews

Many Texans have heard of pickleball and Spikeball. Now there's a new outdoor game called Paddlesmash that is getting rave reviews! Co-founder of Paddlesmash, Scott Brown is joins Chelsey Khanto share more about this fun outdoor game!

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Paddlesmash Outdoor Game | Shark Tank Season 15

Entrepreneurs Tim Swindle and Scott Brown pitched their portable sport game duringShark TankSeason 15. Paddlesmash is basically a combination of two popular sports that are taking over America; Pickleball and Spikeball. Will they smash a deal in the tank? Find out in our Paddlesmash update...

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Utahn was nervous about being on ‘Shark Tank’ — and then Mark Cuban wanted to play his game

Utahn Scott Brown was, understandably, rather nervous when he and his business partner taped an appearance on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” looking for investors in their game, PaddleSmash. Not only were Brown and Tim Swindle face-to-face with the Sharks, but they were thinking about the millions of viewers who could, eventually, see them on TV...

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The 15 Best Tailgate Games Of 2023

The Paddle Smash Pickleball game is the ideal game for those that love tennis or badminton. The game comes with a foldable court and net, four paddles, and two balls. (Just keep in mind that no more than four people can play at one time.) To play, you stand on the opposite side of the court from your teammate and bump, set, and smash the ball into the court so it bounces off the court and over the net. If you miss...

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The 13 Best Gifts for Pickleball Fans, According to Pros and Coaches

Do they love pickleball, but hate fighting for space on the court? If so, PaddleSmash might be the perfect gift. This backyard game is the marriage of pickleball and Spikeball, designed to be set up in minutes and played anywhere...

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Hunting For An Exciting Back Yard Family Game, This Dad Invented His Own. Now It’s Taking Off.

Joe Bingham, a structural engineer from Ogden, Utah, was looking for a backyard game he could play with his seven kids, instead of driving everyone to a pickleball court 20 minutes away. Unable to find what he was looking for, he invented...

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Pickleball Meets Roundnet: PaddleSmash is a Portable, Backyard Alternative for Pickle Fans

Like pickleball, PaddleSmash was created as a way to entertain the inventor's kids. Joe Bingham couldn't drive all seven of them to pickleball courts 20+ minutes away, and he wanted something they could set up in their own back yard. That's when...

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PaddleSmash Will Help Get Kids Active This Spring

Bring kids’ competitive sides out with PaddleSmash! This active game only requires a flat surface and kids can play it at the beach, the park, or while waiting for a pickleball court to free up. Players ages 12 and up can stand on the opposite side of the court from their teammates to...

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In a society where family is the building block, PaddleSmash aims to help us keep building

You could look at PaddleSmash as just another game played with a net and game balls, but for many families it has become much more: Designed for group participation and entertainment, PaddleSmash has become a team-building exercise that...

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PaddleSmash: It’s the Perfect Post-Pandemic Backyard Game

The past two years have seen billions of people cooped up within the confines of their homes. Prevented from engaging in outdoor and social activities by a slew of regulations and protocols, they had to make do with what the four walls of their houses could offer. Now that the world...

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PaddleSmash, the Family Favorite Backyard Game by Power Duo Scott Brown and Tim Swindle

Given the saturation of today’s business world, how exactly can entrepreneurs stand out and make their mark? Widely accomplished go-getters Scott Brown and Tim Swindle have the answer – innovate and reinvent. Boasting years of...

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PaddleSmash: New Outdoor Game Based on Pickleball Gunning for Top Spot in the Toy and Game Space

The world will continuously need to have new things introduced, and every time something new gets introduced, people will gravitate toward it and give it all the props it needs to take off. That is the case of the new game, PaddleSmash, which is...

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Bringing fun into the world with PaddleSmash

On this episode, hosts Caleb Talley, Jeff Amerine, and Victoria Dickerson sit down with Tim Swindle, a serial entrepreneur in the toy and game space and co-founder of Glacier Games. With his passion for outdoor sports, Tim teamed up with two others to create a new recreational game called PaddleSmash, which combines the best elements of Pickleball and Spikeball. Throughout the episode, Caleb, Jeff, Victoria, and Tim discuss how incorporating fun into your day is a necessity, building a business with Kickstarter, and how entrepreneurs should advertise their ideas, not safeguard them.  

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Building brand awareness to increase brand recognition

On this episode, we’re joined by Tim Swindle & Scott Brown, Co-Founders of Paddlesmash, the next great backyard game where Pickleball meets Roundnet. We touch upon manufacturing in the US vs internationally, creating new board games, getting games on the shelves of big retailers, the virality potential of games, how its changed getting the products into the hands of the consumer, sending free product out to get content back, QR codes on packaging, and building brand awareness through DTC so there's brand recognition in retail.

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The best ideas happen outside of the office

Getting ideas is always hard.
Getting ideas in a hot office, sitting with a team of people staring at you and wondering why your not working probably isn't that easy either. So here's some advice: get out of the office. Go for a run. Go swimming. Take a walk at night. Play Paddlesmash! You'll be surprised what happens outside this desolate place called your workspace. From Scott and Tim, PaddleSmash is a new outdoor game that combines the best elements of Pickleball and Spikeball into a fun, and easy-to-learn game.

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Shark Tank Intro


Shark Tank - The Negotiation