Our Story

Get to know the inventor and founders behind PaddleSmash

The Inventor

A structural engineer by trade, Joe Bingham is constantly thinking of new ways to keep his 7 kids entertained. So when his family took a liking to pickleball, he started to tinker around with ideas for them to play at home.

Building a court in the backyard wasn't feasible, and driving 20 minutes to the crowded pickleball courts was annoying. His kids used to love playing Spikeball so he thought maybe there was a way to combine the two sports.

After making a few failed prototypes from sheets of plastic and some netting, he finally made a version that his kids loved playing. The word soon spread around the neighborhood and PaddleSmash was born.

Joe lives with his wife and 7 kids in Pleasant View, UT.

The Founders

Close friends, Tim Swindle and Scott Brown, are serial entrepreneurs in the toy and game space with a passion for outdoor sports. Those worlds collided when they were introduced to PaddleSmash inventor, Joe Bingham.

After play-testing his concept with family and friends, they immediately fell in love with the game and knew it was going to be a hit. Tim and Scott moved quickly to create a version of PaddleSmash that is durable, portable, and ready for the masses.

After months of tweaking the design and perfecting the gameplay, they can't wait for you to play this exciting new sport.

Tim lives outside Nashville with his wife, 2 daughters and dog, Tucker. Scott lives in Alpine, UT with his wife, 4 daughters and dog, Cub.

Tim and Scott were featured in the Season 15 Episode 4 of Shark Tank.